Why You Need an ASO Administrative Services Organization

ASO administrative services

If you are considering expanding your business overseas, or even if you are considering expanding your business south or north of the border, it’s best to work with experts in global administration. An ASO administrative services organization can ensure that your business remains in compliance with certain local regulations no matter where the office is located. They are a network of experts poised to help you open new locations and staff your growing business.

What Exactly Is ASO?

ASO is an acronym for administrative services outsourcing, and this means you will have the administrative support you need for your company locations all over the world. When you secure ASO administrative services only, you secure a business partner in essence. The ASO company will be the one to administrate and manage your global human resources and payroll functions. You needn’t worry about these aspects of your global business in-house. Rather, the ASO experts will handle all HR and payroll administration for your offices abroad.

This saves you a tremendous headache, especially since different countries enact different employment regulations. You cannot be an expert in all worker-related laws in every country, but the ASO administrative services organization can. In fact, it will have personnel strategically located to work with you even though you won’t be there. There will be a dedicated team of employment and legal experts who can strategize your new locations with you and then work with the local governments to ensure everything is in proper legal place.

You Are Still the Legal Employer

Even though the ASO service will be handling the human resources and payroll of your global employees, your employees will still be your employees. You are considered the legal employer, which gives you the opportunity to recruit the best talent for your organization, even if you needn’t worry about the HR and payroll headaches. When you enlist the best ASO service, they will be in contract with you; they will not be in any contract with your employees. They are just there to handle the day-to-day administrative stuff and any legal issues that might arise.

This Includes Benefits

As you can imagine, finding the best talent abroad includes luring them in with the best benefits, but is health care the same overseas as it is here? No, you know it isn’t. Your ASO administrator will help you by finding the best health benefit carriers globally. They can negotiate your employee benefits for all of your staff abroad, including the best insurance and retirement packages. They will oversee these benefits for you, as well, which takes this off your plate.

When you work with the best ASO administrative services organization, you work with a global company that has resources around the world. They will be there to hire the best employees for your international positions, and then they will be there to manage the human resources and payroll functions for these employees. They will have people within each culture fluent in each language. Their personnel will also understand local regulations and the best way to work with each government. With this tool at your fingertips, nothing should stop you from becoming an international force in your business segment.

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