What is a Disclosure and Barring Service Check Used For?

Barring Service Check Used For

In the UK, what is called a“Disclosure and Barring Service check”is the procedure of looking to find out if a potential employee has a criminal record of any sort. This is to ensure that any data provided by a potential employee is accurate and sound. Once the background check has been carried out, employers have access to any current or past criminal convictions of a potential applicant. If an employer finds out that the potential employee has told untruths about their criminal past, the employer can then refuse to employ the applicant, or terminate his or her employment if the person has already been hired.

Nowadays, Disclosure and Barring Service checks have become so commonplace that anybody who wishes to find out any kind of private information about another person, can do so quite easily. A short time on the internet with a search engine can provide an almost endless list of online companies that offer DBS checking services for a fee.

Back to the Past

Should an applicant consents to having a background check carried out, he or she must provide his or her legal name, any previous names, social security number, present address, and all former addresses he or she has used since being an adult. This then allows the employer to find out whether or not an applicant has a criminal past, no matter where the applicant has lived in the past.

In countries like America, the disadvantage of conducting a Disclosure and Barring Servicecheck, is that in some states, they differ on how they define what constitutes a crime. Some states may classify one crime as a non-indictable offence, while in other states they may classify that same crime as a breaking of the law. And indeed, it becomes more difficult to receive an accurate Disclosure and Barring Service check if the applicant has lived in a number of states.


In spite of the fact that many companies perform a background check on potential employees, there are some industries where a background history check is required by law. Anyone who wishes to work with children, the disabled, or the elderly will usually have to undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service check. Anybody who wants to be a police constable or a fire fighter must receive Disclosure and Barring Service checks also.

Other people who have to undergo these investigations include someone who would like to hold a public office or any potential employees whose job will involve having access to sensitive or confidential information. If an employer doesn’tcustomarily conduct this sort of investigation and then an employee commits a crime that does harm toco-workers or customers,the company could be held accountable.

Professional Companies

For reasons such as this, most employers pay professional companies to research applicants’ pasts. With the high rate of crime in society nowadays, Disclosure and Barring Service checks are a necessary part of life.

If you’re looking at a skilled DBS service, use one that you can rely on and trust.

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