Make a Fresh Start with Great New Linen and Laundering Companies

This is one of the busiest times of the year. Your hotel is hosting a major convention, playing host to sports teams flying in for a major competition, or just preparing to host the mass migration of tourists on vacation throughout the summer or flying in for the holidays towards the end of the year.

This can be one of the busiest times of the year.  Your restaurant is playing host to a wedding reception, one with hundreds of guests, which is sure to be your biggest money-maker of the quarter, if not the entire year.

This is one of the craziest times of the year. Your kitchen is preparing a major feast, one with dozens upon dozens of wealthy guests awaiting their banquet.

Whatever the occasion and whatever your industry, one thing’s for sure: you don’t want potential guests and customers turning up their nose at your business due to filthy stains or foul odours. As such, having a quality linen and laundry service can make a big difference in your customers’ experiences and, thus your establishment’s reputation.

Hotel Laundry

When people look for a hotel room, they ideally want to find somewhere which has that “home away from home” feeling. That said, guests would probably prefer a pristine room to one with a wrinkly rank “lived-in” air to it. One of the most important components to any hotel room is linen that is cleanly laundered and put together in such a way as to make a room feel stunning and inviting. For example, pillowcases, sheets, and duvets should all match one another to create a perfect pattern. That said, while the colour and overall look of your pillowcase/sheet/duvet combo is of course important, too often hotel owners overlook the importance of texture. If any other room is even more important than the bedroom when it comes to home and hotel décor, it’s the bathroom. You’ll want to make sure your rooms are fully-stocked with warm, fluffy, freshly laundered towels and bathrobes, both of which should match your overall design aesthetic. In short, from satin sheets to comfy robes, a great laundry service can help your guests feel like they’ve checked into paradise!

Restaurant Laundry

From Michelin-Star titans to the small corner cafés and bistros, sanitation is one of the most important elements in any restaurant. When it comes to restaurant laundry, there are a few essentials, not the least of which are the serviettes that adorn each table setting. The serviette you choose can do a great deal to add to the overall presentation of your table, combining a dash of colour with a crispness and elegance that makes your establishment seem that much classier.

Of course, one thing you never want is for your serviettes, tablecloths, towels, and other restaurant linen to appear dirty, which is why laundry services are so important. Ideally, you’ll want to pick linens that are woven from fabrics that can be cleaned in a quick and timely (not to mention inexpensive) manner. What’s more, you’ll want to shy away from materials that wear or tear easily, and instead opt for linen options that are made of sturdier stuff.

Kitchen Laundry

Of course, whether you own a stand-alone establishment or hotel dining room, you can bet your guests will want to know your kitchen is in top shape. One of the most important ingredients to any kitchen, is the clean linen worn and used by the chef and kitchen staff.

Kitchen linen as well as chef and kitchen staff uniforms require a careful balance. On one hand, uniforms, serviettes, and other elements of staff attire need to be both crisp and sturdy enough to be used over and over without wearing out. On the other hand, they need to be light and free enough to allow a full range of movement. Colour can make a big difference as well. While white and eggshell can have an air of classical elegance about them, they also show stains far easier than deeper, darker colours do.

The Business Side of Linens and Laundry

So, you’ve selected the towels, tablecloths, sheets and serviettes that are perfect for your place of business. Now you just need to arrange the actual laundering process itself. While many businesses will outsource their laundry to a commercial service provider, far too few give a lot of attention as to what the practicalities of those laundering services can or should entail. No one wants to deal with linens that have only been half-cleaned, or laundering services that take weeks and leave you running short of sheets or serviettes. The best laundry and linen companies will provide affordable, first-class laundering services, ensuring clean, crisp linens as well as quick turnaround times.

The Value of Going Green

To be sure, “going green” is one of the great socioeconomic and environmental causes of our time. More and more companies are taking the plunge and pledging cleaner, more energy-efficient services. Green energy and environmentally-friendly chemical alternatives are now a booming industry, and the best linen providers and launderers know that fact full well. The Climate Levy Agreement, One of the most important green-friendly policies, is being adopted by more and more laundry and linen companies every day, which sets a target energy reduction for laundering companies to meet by the year 2020. While that target is set around 25%, the best companies are even further ahead of that, with some top linen and laundering establishments exceeding 40% already. These processes are becoming more and more cost effective, with the savings being passed on to the consumer. As such, the value of “going green” with your laundering services extends beyond raw environmentalism, helping your company save money whilst saving the planet in the process.

Most people tend not to think about linens, but whether you run a hotel, restaurant, kitchen, or any other company which depends on such items, you know how important effective laundering is. Make a fresh start with the best linen laundering companies out there, and learn the value of “going green” and speedy service!

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