How to learn car mechanics

Learning mechanics for cars can be a way to save money

Learning mechanics for cars can be a way to save money, with the increase in the cost of labor by professional mechanical workshops, a “do it yourself” approach can give you the confidence to solve simple problems, make a maintenance regular, or even make complicated repairs on your own vehicle. To learn precise mechanics of time and it is not cheap, the tools can be expensive, even if it can be profitable to learn mechanics.

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Steps to follow:


Familiarize yourself with the tools you will be using. “Mechanic’s tools” is a term that covers a wide range of tools that you need for each car repair job. This includes a standard and other metric set of tubes, pipe wrenches of different sizes, various sizes of both flat head screwdrivers and star head screwdrivers, standard metal hammers, rubber mallets, various types of pliers, pressure clamps , Allen wrenches, Torx brand keys (with a star tip), torque wrenches that measure in feet and inches, an air compressor, impact wrenches with a full range of accessories, and a floor jack and a cat supports. Besides having the tools, you need to know how to use them, some tools, like screwdrivers,


Study brand manuals, each generation of vehicles has a manual of services that technicians and mechanics use, however, you can buy manuals through the Internet, these service manuals vary in quality, but generally the service manuals of the Helms brands , Chilton and Haynes are seen as some of the most reliable manuals. The service manuals detail how to disassemble and rebuild almost all aspects and components of your vehicle.

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Practice routine maintenance, possibly the best way to learn is to do simple routine maintenance on your vehicle. All information is available in the service manual and generally requires a low level of ability to do so. Works such as spark plug wire control and spark plug replacement, oil change, and air filter control can easily be done by amateurs.


Go to the mechanics school or become friends with your local mechanic, although this may be more useful for those who are interested in becoming real mechanics. However, befriending the local mechanic or a store is an excellent way to learn the “tricks of the trade” that cannot be learned in a service manual. Some techniques and tricks can only be learned through experience, and a professional mechanic, in general, has invested the time to learn these tricks. Ask them to allow you to help in the store for free as an “intern”, explain that you would like to learn more about the cars and are willing to help in the store, in exchange for being able to “look over your shoulder” at the mechanics that work there.


Read everything you can about the subject, in addition to reading the store’s manual, it’s a good idea to subscribe to commercial publications and magazines to learn all about cars in general.


You can learn from the experiences of other people, and familiarize yourself with the similarities and differences between manufacturers, different makes and models of vehicles within the line of the same manufacturer.


There are courses of medium degree of mechanics that you can do and that will surely help you to train and to be a professional of the mechanics of cars.

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