How to choose your lawyer on the internet: 3 tips for not getting yourself

lawyer on the internet

The profession of lawyer is evolving with its time and more and more lawyers from the Law Society are offering their services online. This makes the right more accessible to individuals, who benefit from a more financially advantageous legal service and simplified and more rapid management of their case. If the Internet is a great tool in this sense, it is still necessary to take some precautions to avoid scams and be trapped by a “false online lawyer” who will not deliver the promised service.
Beware, however, of not giving in to the received ideas, which want a cheaper service is necessarily sign of a scam! Here are the real keys to choosing your e-lawyer.

1- A unique criterion: registration with the Bar
In fact, only one criterion is enough to ensure that a lawyer is serious: checking his or her membership in the Bar. It is simple: you can check it directly on the website of the Bar Association . The serious sites of referencing of lawyers propose a link to this platform and check their registration beforehand. The number of the lawyer’s hat (the number of the record in the court) is given.

The addition of a lawyer to the Bar of his order is, moreover, a further guarantee of confidence to the extent that this formality proves that he satisfies the conditions of capacity and morality to the profession of lawyer. It is indeed up to the bar in which the lawyer is registered to verify that there is no doubt as to the confidence to be shown by the third parties of the lawyer concerned, irrespective of any conviction entered in his criminal record.

2- Ensure the presence of a lawyer on the internet

In the digital age, lawyers are no exception and are also present on the web, either via their firm’s website or a blog. Moreover, this registration is free on the website of the Bar of Paris, where law professionals can keep blog, again for free.
Being present on the internet is obvious now for a lawyer, for reasons of transparency and visibility. Indeed, current or potential clients regularly do internet searches to find their lawyer or simply to have more information about their firm.

Thus, to reassure a little bit the individual can conduct a little investigation work. If, after research, no trace of a “lawyer” is found, distrust is de rigueur. The Internet is, as we know, a mine of information: so much use! This search will also find the most competent lawyer for a case and sometimes even compare the rates of several lawyers, when communicated!

3- A lawyer’s fees are not an indicator of confidence
Finally and contrary to popular beliefs, the rates listed on the internet, often lower, are in no way indicative of a scam. Indeed, the fees of a lawyer depend on multiple factors such as specialty, seniority, reputation, the conditions under which a lawyer exercises (office size, location, assistant or not) a thing. In fact, online legal service tariffs are lower, mainly because online procedures are reserved for less complex cases, such as divorce by mutual consent or the challenge of a legal offense road.

Thus, the amount of fees should not be the primary criterion for choosing a good lawyer. This choice must above all rest on the skills and references of professionals!

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