How to Avoid Common Driving Theory Test Mistakes

to Avoid Common Driving Theory Test Mistakes

It only takes 43 correct answers out of 50 questions to pass the multiple choice section. Also, getting 44 out of 70 questions in the hazard perception test will also give you a passing score. Doesn’t that sound easy. You can revise well but some simple mistakes will make you to fail. Here are some common mistakes that people make in the theory test and how to avoid them.

The Multiple Choice Section

Did you know that you can change the multiple choice answers if you go back and realize that you ticked on the wrong one? Don’t think that your fate is already determined when you choose the wrong answer. It’s advisable to flag those questions that you are not sure about and revisit them later to avoid wasting a lot of time on them. The difficulty level of some questions is higher than others. Here are some of the questions that you will likely get in this section.

  • In the Event of Quizzes

Some of the questions that trip most student up is like ‘At a traffic incident you need to…’ The reason is that it is hard to practice these questions in the real world and most learners don’t think of such events happening. The best way out is to keep on revising and testing yourself. You can also ask your instructor to ask you such questions. They have seen most of them and will not fail to give you the required support.

  • Documents

Learners also find it to practice which documents they require. Make sure you learn the work of each document. This will help you to make informed decisions based on each question. For instance, you may find it hard to answer a question that is related to the logbook if you have not seen one.

  • Road Signs

New drivers find road signs to be a very difficult language that is characterized with symbols.  There is a high likelihood that you will have to interpret a few road signs in the theory test. Make sure you understand all of them before you book theory test. Test enough time to learn these signs and test yourself.

  • When Can You and Overtaking Questions

When is it allowed to overtake on the left? Most learners will tell you that this is one of the hardest questions to answer. You know that some of these statements seem wrong from your course. You may not want to hear words like undertaking as you continue with the course.

  • Ignore Ringing and Carry On with Your Research

There are some times when it is accepted – for instance, you are driving on a congested multiple-lane carriageway. During driving lessons, you have to ask your instructor whether there are some instances when you can do some maneuvers. Just imagine some situations because they may help with your memory.

The Hazard Perception Section

This test will gauge your ability to handle potential hazards while on the road. you need to identify potential hazards in the 14 clips and click where the hazard is. One clip will have two hazards and the others have one each. The system will score you one to five depending with the speed at which you identify the hazard. This system is very intelligent and hence you don’t have to continually click at regular intervals. The system will detect such malicious actions and fail you. Remain calm because being nervous may make you miss out on the hazards.

You have three minutes between the multiple choice and hazard perception test. Use this time to take some deep breath and relax as you wait to begin. You can find several through apps and online tests that can help you to revise.

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