How BPM Can Help With Marketing Processes in Your Business

Marketing is one of the most important departments for any business as it drives sales and user engagement. However, ensuring that the marketing department operates smoothly every day of the year can be a challenging task.

To remove the risk and luck factor from your marketing efforts, investing in BPM software is a solid idea. It ensures that marketing processes are consistent through enhanced analytics, customer data capture and the tools to segment customer lists.

Take the time to read the rest of this article, and you’ll see that software like bpm’online can help with your marketing approach.

How BPM Can Help With Marketing Processes in Your Business

Customer account management

For each customer you can capture a comprehensive amount of data with bpm’online. The data can be used to increase the targeting of marketing campaigns for that specific customer. For example, from one interface you’ll see preferences, orders, contact history, contact details, website browsing history and so on.

What you choose to do with the information is up to you, but the tools are there to segment the customer list based on the data collected. The type of list segmentation you choose might depend on what makes sense for your specific business.

Marketing productivity tools

BPM software provides productivity tools for marketing campaigns. For instance, a built-in marketing calendar is available where daily activities can be planned such as meetings, calls and tasks.

Additionally, there is an integrated email marketing tool where automated emails can be sent to segments of your customer list. This allows for highly targeted marketing campaigns to be run that increases the conversion rate.

Part of the increase in productivity is because of the user-friendly interface. New employees will have a short learning curve with the software. Consequently, the speed at which a marketing campaign can be executed from theory to practice is going to be much faster.

Performance analysis tools

Performance analysis tools

It’s important to analyze performance as that leads to improvements made in future marketing campaigns. The variety of tools that BPM software provides includes real-time customizable dashboards, a custom report builder, pre-built reports and KPI monitoring tools.

With these tools you can assess the quality of a customer relationship. This level of attention at the micro level means you’ll have a strong understanding of your customer base.

The effort of analyzing marketing performance is a worthy investment because changes to the approach can be made. Hopefully, this leads to a bigger return on marketing spend in the future.


BPM software is a great marketing solution for any business that wants to scale their marketing efforts. However, the trick is ensuring that operations are efficient whilst increasing scale. Visit the official website for more information on how bpm’online can help with your marketing efforts.


The key strengths of BPM software for marketing include productivity tools, enhanced customer account management and analysis tools.

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