Hong Kong has truly lived up to its reputation as a state that preserves the multicultural mixture of West and East. It may very well be one of the world’s best all-around destinations, it manages to pack an incredible diversity of sights and activities, offering something for everyone.

From a British colony, Hong Kong have bloomed into a state that gives you a unique experience of “East Meets West”-where churches, temples, restaurants from different culture, high rises dwarfing traditional Chinese streetways and shophouses that makes its touring experience a memorable one.

Aside from being a top tourist destination, Hong Kong is also considered as Asia’s boating capital. Its private marinas and yacht clubs proved its claim as docking spaces have already filled up raising concerns to some yacht and boat owners in the recent years. Its boat building industry is one of the major boosters of its economy.

Since Hong Kong has 263 islands and is a archipelagic state, Hong Kong’s locals uses boats and yachts as a mode of transportation aside from being a luxury possession for some. Hong Kong has a lot of well recognized boat builders and yacht makers since the state has huge shipyards and engine service dealers aside from dozens of private marinas and yacht clubs.

The industry provides thousands of jobs for the locals and foreign domestic workers generating millions of incomes for Hong Kong’s already strong economy. In leisure boating, there is a thriving industry that continues to grow over the years through shipyards, brokers, designers, engineers and decorators.

One of the top yachting dealerships in Hong Kong, Asia Yachting has been a huge game changer in the industry by building top quality luxury and premier yachts.

Asia Yachting provides a wide range of products, including new premier yachts in Hong Kong, multifunctional boats, and luxury yachts, to sea scooters and inflatable castles.

Asia Yachting builds different types of boats from luxury yachts to multi-functional speedboats and to give you a further information about its boats, here is a list of the types of boats it builds.

Monte Carlo Yachts (MCY)- A first of its kind in the yachting world; MCY is genuinely designed and conceptualized by Italian designers that has an artisanal skills together with industrial finesse of the French Group Beneteau; a renowned global competitor in sailboat builders industry.

Prestige, Luxury Motor Yachts- First introduced 20 years ago, Prestige has risen to the top as a world renowned brand in the yachting world. It’s presence in all four continents made it one of the most popular brand in luxury yachting.

Nautique Boats- It was originally founded in 1925. This vintage masterpiece has remained a powerful brand in manufacturing high quality ski and wake-sports boats and to top it is its uncomparable customer service.

Scarab- the new line of high-speed jet boats that is built with more space than Personal Water Crafts (PWC). Its rotax jet engines gives you more power on the water to pump up that adrenaline making your adventure more exciting.

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