Expert Talks: Personal Injury Claim Guide for First Timers

a personal injury law

Personal injury claims are filed all of the time. When a person is injured and unable to perform their duties they may file a personal injury claim. Personal injury claims may be the result of a slip and fall accident, auto accident or other accidents that can cause a person to become disabled.

There are important tips to keep in mind when you decide to file an personal injury claim. First, it is always a good idea to consult with a personal injury attorney prior to filing a claim although there are probably a number of people that do not talk to an attorney prior to filing disability claims.

If you do consult with a seasoned attorney then follow exactly what he or she instructed you to do. If there are questions that you are unsure of then simply call the attorney and he or she can assist you.

Be as truthful as possible when filing for a claim. Be prepared to explain in detail any accident that took place, type of injury you sustained, the other parties involved, medical information etc. Withholding information can greatly affect the outcome of a claim.

You should consider the extent of your injury prior to filing for a personal injury law claim. Therefore, you need to ask yourself? Just how serious are my existing injuries? Do you have pain on a frequent basis, has the accident affected your mobility? Are there things that you can no longer do as a result of the accident?

Do you feel your disability claim will be for short term or a prolonged period of time. Is the injury so serious that you may be deemed permanently disabled and unable to ever work again.

Ask yourself? What exactly happened to cause your injury or disability? Was the accident the other person’s fault? If not how much of the accident or injury may have been my fault? What percentage of fault is the injured prepared to take in this situation?

Are you prepared to make sure to go to any and all scheduled physician appointments during your disability period. In addition, are you willing to be seen by other doctors who may be employed by the disability people? Essentially are you willing to cooperate with whatever is asked of you during your period of disability.

Are you willing to make sure any and all forms related to the accident and disability claim are completed and returned in a timely manner? Failure to comply with certain conditions of disability claims can hinder the ability to continue to collect disability compensation.

If you did consult with an attorney, are you willing to go as far as litigation to receive monies for pain and suffering you received as a result of the accident. Only a skilled lawyer can advise you on matters regarding litigation and pain and suffering issues.

Injuries and the aftermath are no picnic. Therefore, prior to filing for a disability or personal injury attorney claim there are a number of important questions to ask yourself. If you have a legitimate and painful injury then it is critically important to do whatever you need to do to help yourself and your family.

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