Consumables Cover in Car Insurance! Is it Much Ado about Nothing?

Consumables Cover in Car Insurance! Is it Much Ado about Nothing


Like most of our valuables, the car or vehicle we use needs to be insured against any damage that can be done to it. The damage can be of different types- it could be an accident or a case of theft. In such cases, the standard car insurance policy will cover most of the expenses but will not cover the consumable items of the vehicle like oil, lubricants, etc. To bring the consumables under cover of the vehicle insurance, one would need a separate consumable cover. It is better to get this add-on insurance to make sure that all the parts of the vehicle are insured.

What is a consumable cover in car insurance?

Consumables are those materials in a car which are consumed by the car while running on the road. These include the different kinds of oils and lubricants which are continuously in use and require regular replacement when the car is being daily used. Most of the consumables would include oil, lubricants, coolants, grease, ball bearings, screws, nuts, etc. These components of the car are not covered by a normal car insurance policy. The consumables cover is different for different models and the cost of the covers are also different.

What are the conditions that need to be satisfied?

An owner should be well conversant with the terms and conditions of the vehicle insurance so that during claiming nothing is left out. The consumables cover is just like any other add-on insurance entailing few conditions that must be satisfied in order to claim it.

Under section I of policy, the damages pertaining to own car can be covered by the insurance. But this add-on policy does not cover the damages inflicted on the vehicle by a third party.

This add-on policy is valid for those vehicles that are up to sixty months old. The consumables cover doesn’t give protection to cars that are more than five years old.

When do the consumables cover become invalid?

Under certain circumstances, the consumables cover cannot provide protection to your car even when it is less than sixty months old. These conditions have been laid down by the government and are followed by all car insurance policies.

If at the time of accident or theft, the owner is not in possession of a valid driver’s license then the car won’t be eligible for the insurance. The authority to invalidate the claim resides with the insurance company.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is another major condition that exempts the car from protection. Electrical and mechanical breakdowns are also exempted from the motor insurance.

Also, the normal refill of oil and lubricants to make sure your car is working isn’t covered under this insurance.

Where can you get consumables cover for your car?

Nowadays, you can buy an insurance online and along with the standard car insurance,the consumables cover will come as an add-on option.


Thus, it is advisable to buy an add-on consumables cover for your vehicle to ensure its complete protection. This policy is definitely not Much Ado About Nothing as it is able to give complete protection against accident and theft and can save you from incurring significant losses.

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