CryptoGLD Explodes with Innovation, Launching Worlds First 100% Gold Backed Cryptocurrency

Best of both worlds Gold and Blockchain

Best of both worlds- Gold and Blockchain In a world first, CryptoGLD has launch an entirely liquid, 100% gold-backed cryptocurrency. GLD International Inc, trading as CryptoGLD,  identified weaknesses in cryptocurrencies. Most cryptocurrencies rely solely on market value perception, without any asset value. To combat this, CryptoGLD and Citigold Corporation Limited, an American and Australian company partnered to created the world’s first 100% gold-backed cryptocurrency. The Purchase and Security agreements with Citigold ensures that ten million CrGLD coins are backed by 100,000 ounces of gold. This provides buyers with the best of both worlds. CrGLDs have the possible exponential returns of cryptocurrencies, combined with the age-old value and security of gold. CryptoGLD wants to ensure…

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It is easy to buy the car of your dreams. Use this EMI calculator to find out how.

It is easy to buy the car of your dreams

You always dreamt of owning a luxury sedan but fate was always on the other side. Not anymore! Now you don’t need to travel in congested public transportation vehicles or rely on somebody else to pick you up. For you and your family’s comfort, you can buy a suitable car. How is that possible? Read further. Sign up for a car loan from the bank. The lender (bank) will disperse a car loan based on your requirement. With this money, you can purchase the car of your dreams. Afterward, you…

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7 Tips for An Efficient Money Management Strategy

An Efficient Money Management Strategy

Thanks to the expensive tags that is coming along with everything, it has become taxing even to accomplish simple needs. And, when it comes to achieving dreams, one gets exhausted just by thinking about the obstacles ahead. In such a scenario, surely, you cannot survive without a proper strategic plan. So, here are some of the tips for effective Money Management. For a middle-class Indian, it’s not always easy to acquire a huge amount to accomplish all the goals. After all, money matters are always complicated. There would be a…

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Some Reasons Why Every Investor Must Investing in SIP Investment Plan

SIP Investment Plan

Right from the experts to new investors, everyone stands by SIP Investment Plan when it comes to long-term investment. In fact, this omnipresent strategy has become inevitable these days. So, here are some of the reasons why you should invest in SIP for long-term investment. Investing in SIP Investment Plan is one of the easiest ways to save for your future. In this plan, you would have to save a small amount for a longer period. Along with providing a myriad of benefits, this plan also instils a habit of…

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Looking for safe investment options? Here are some that top the list!


 There are numerous options when it comes to investments, be it FDs, mutual funds and PPF, and and each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Here’s a look at those that top the list in terms of security and dependability. Financial planning is important but can be quite confusing as there are numerous investment options available for you to choose from. All these options have their unique characteristics. While some offer the promise of better returns, others offer short-term gains but are riskier in nature. Investment options that…

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What are the things you should know before investing in Senior Citizen Fixed Deposit?

fixed deposit facility available

Apart from the pension that you receive on a monthly basis, there is no steady source of income once you retire. And there might be times when the medical expenses would exceed your bank balance and your savings. But there is a way out of this. The best way to prepare yourself for such a situation is to invest your money at the right time. There is a fixed deposit facility available for senior citizens called the Senior Citizen Fixed Deposit. This type of investment is very popular amongst the…

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An overview: Significance of sophisticated GST calculator

GST calculation in India

Ever since the Indian Parliament has shown green lights to the crucial GST Bills, it has created a stir in the business fraternity across India.  Lots of businesses feel that they are yet not geared up to make GST implementation a successful.  Some even feel that the arrival of GST will expose them to non-compliance risks as they do not have any specific strategy that can help them migrate into the new era adroitly.  Various businesses have even met various government authorities with the intention of requesting the government to…

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Three reasons why financial markets are trembling

financial markets

“Would we have entered a third global financial crisis? “ After the subprime crisis in 2008 and sovereign debt in 2011: economists in Capital Economics are openly questioning, while at the beginning of the week the financial markets are experiencing a new depression. Monday was a black day and, in the space of a month, they lost more than 10%. “We are not there,” said Frédérik Ducrozet, economist at Pictet, who nonetheless points out that investors usually sell certain financial products to prefer others, whereas since the beginning of The…

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Social Networks in the Viewfinder of Financial Regulators

Financial Regulators

In their 2017 balance sheet, the AMF and the ACPR recall that the promotion of financial products is subject to the same rules on social networks as on other media. Advertising on social networks is targeted by the two French financial authorities. In its annual review of activities, the common pole bringing together the financial market (AMF) and the banking and insurance (ACPR) sector, particularly reminded us that, however new they may be, social networks are not Rules that apply to the promotion of financial products and services. ” We…

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