Consumables Cover in Car Insurance! Is it Much Ado about Nothing?

Consumables Cover in Car Insurance! Is it Much Ado about Nothing

Introduction Like most of our valuables, the car or vehicle we use needs to be insured against any damage that can be done to it. The damage can be of different types- it could be an accident or a case of theft. In such cases, the standard car insurance policy will cover most of the expenses but will not cover the consumable items of the vehicle like oil, lubricants, etc. To bring the consumables under cover of the vehicle insurance, one would need a separate consumable cover. It is better to…

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Comparing the third party vs. comprehensive car insurance?

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Shopping around is important in finding the best car insurance. No matter the mode or channel of search, it is required when looking for the most preferable car insurance online. While many providers and companies will have different flavours of car insurance buying, broadly speaking, there will be two main categories of car insurance that will be offered by almost all the insurance companies – a third party insurance coverage and a comprehensive insurance coverage (also known as ‘comp’ insurance). Third Party Car Insurance Third party insurance covers you when…

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