Best Taxi Booking Services In Melbourne

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A convenient means of transportation is a necessity for everyone in a fast-paced world ruled by technology. With this understanding of how important it is for people to move around with ease, Hamish Petrie, the founder of ingogo, in response to that true statement that necessity is the mother of invention, began a cab company that helps people book a taxi in Melbourne. This became necessary in order to break the taxi monopoly in Australia that hampered the efficiency of people’s taxi movement from place to place. ingogo is not just an average taxi company; it is your comprehensive taxi booking Melbourne platform that gives you the power to track where your car is or the movement of your staff, helping you save costs and making movement efficient.


As a driver in the ingogo driver network, the benefits are enormous. With ingogo, your payment is sure as you are pre-advised of how much you get through the platform’s automated process. When you join our platform, you will get the privilege of training on how to use the mobile app in order to maximise your earnings. With us, you are sure of a guaranteed start-up bonus, a referral bonus of $250 when you refer a friend; get jobs sent to you from the ingogo network and much more. All this and more ensure that we are not just a taxi company; we are your partner in progress in everything transportation.


When you sign up as a passenger, our ingogo app shows the driver exactly where you are and you also know exactly what time the taxi will arrive to pick you up. When you make your booking, you will be able to contact the driver through a phone call or text in the short time while you wait. ingogo taxis are superb, clean and give you a wow experience in a safe ride by courteous drivers.


ingogo understands the rising need for organisations to save costs while taking care of their movement needs. This is why we make it easy for you to manage your staff movement, give you administration control, putting an end to fraudulent reports about the whereabouts of your staff while they are on duty. We simplify the management of your transport expenses, eliminating unnecessary paper works by sending you all the reports of your movement right to your email. Our Concur Expense Management System helps your staff link their concur account, eliminating administrative works on the month-end movement processing. As an organisation, you also receive administrative benefits, having a central control on who uses your ingogo company account.


We are your trusted Australian taxi company for any Melbourne taxi that offers you fast, efficient and comprehensive taxi services. When you choose us, you get to be carried in the best of taxis, you get to your destination faster and you are sure what your fares are, without any hidden charges.

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