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Recently, WhatsApp has given a statement that India stands at the first position for using the video calling feature of WhatsApp. It is said to be that number of hours is spent on the video calls by the citizens of India as per the report. This gigantic messaging service has recorded over three hundred and forty million video calling minutes per day, which is spread across million video calls made each day. The report says that the folks make over fifty-five million video calls per day across the world on Android, iOS and Windows devices. The major success for the video calling feature is that WhatsApp does not prejudge the quality of the network from which the call is being made.

The company also announced the feature of video calling feature last year itself. There are many apps for the video calling feature similar to that of WhatsApp like Google’s Duo, Apple’s face Time, Microsoft’s Skype, and Messenger etc. During the video calling feature launch, the company also stated that the new video calling feature which is a perfect one for India, where the folks face the problems of poor internet connectivity.

The Facebook has yet to bring the cash in the gigantic messaging service as the source of income. Still, now it has not introduced any third-party advertisements on the WhatsApp. It is looking for a better market digital payment services. In future, the digital payment services will be launched in India. It is also expected to hire a digital transactions head for the country. The messaging service has increased its value across the world which resulted in more count of the active users. There are about two hundred million monthly active users of this tremendous app in India alone.

The global messaging giant chose India to launch the video calling feature. There are over billion plus users all over the world. There is a list of reasons why WhatsApp is a big hit in India. The major reason is that WhatsApp Video Calling is built by an Indian Engineer. An Indian Engineer who is an expert joined WhatsApp in the year 2013 in order to build the voice calling feature that enables over hundred million daily connected calls. There were an incredible success and confidence from the voice calling feature which formed the main base to move on to the video calling on WhatsApp.

The video calling is not a new feature because Skype has been doing this work over a decade including Facebook’s own Messenger have this option a few years back. With over one billion monthly active users all over the world, of India contributes about one hundred and sixty million users. This messaging service aids any other messaging app on the planet when it comes to volume.

The simple fact is that WhatsApp works across all the platforms including 2G, 3G, 4G, and Wifi are the main secret of the popularity of this app. The video call quality improves as the WhatsApp systems improve the actual network quality. Even if the network quality is low, one can make the video call from one location to another location all over the world. The video calling feature of WhatsApp is a simple one for the consumers.

Even a person who is not more conscious about the Smartphones or the users who have bought Smartphones for the first time can make use of the video call through WhatsApp easily. Since WhatsApp has been popular in India, the company received good feedback from the users when it launched the video calling feature. One can also all the videos and photos along with the text message.

The youngsters use this feature to communicate with the teachers for the class work, offices use it for all the updates and the communication with the teams and the businesses use it for the commerce and the customer support etc. The government employees also use it during any emergency case considering their work. In the present era, WhatsApp has meant for messaging and Google is meant for the internet search. It is said to be that the new video calling feature is as simple as the basic messaging app.

In the concept of Safety and privacy, the messages should be a secured one and an encrypted one. The coding features have been tested for a longer period so that the users can make use of this feature without any issue. The video calling feature is built to work on all kinds of the network speed. A person can also have the high-speed Wifi or 4G network; he/she can also experience the HD video calling.  If a person is in 2G or 3G, the video gets cached and gets shared too.

This is totally a different approach when compared to that of the Google’s Duo video calling app. In the Google’s Duo, if the bandwidth is low for the video calling feature, the only audio will be in a good working condition and the video disappears.  The gigantic messaging service works well on the video compression and sending the packets through caching is one of the best approaches since the folks want to see the person on the other extreme end on a video call. The working of this process in the real world conditions needs to be tested.

In the year 2016, the WhatsApp updated their private policy and also agreed to share the user demographic information with the parent company Facebook, there was an utter confusion. The real fact is that the users threatened and amidst all these confusions, there was a legal battle in order to prevent the data sharing.

The real fact is that Facebook manages WhatsApp, Instagram, and the other properties. The mobile messaging app has set its next target to compete with Paytm as it is going to start its new unit in the field of Digital payments. The gigantic messaging service plans to use a new system which is known to be the cross bank payment system called as UPI, which is backed by the government in order to enable the payment system between the consumers in the future. India is the most important country for Whatsapp and the experts are working a lot in order to contribute more to the vision of Digital India. They are listening closely to the feedback from the users and trying to retrieve all the negative feedback.

The real fact is that WhatsApp is a cross-platform immediate messaging service for all the Smartphone that totally depends on the internet for the transmission of the messages. It also enables to share the text, image, and the video messages. These amazing services are handled more than six hundred million photo and sixty-four billion overall messages every day.

In the United States, the daily communication rate among the Android WhatsApp users is about thirty-six percent. A few days ago, True caller introduced the user to user payment service in India through a tie-up with the famous bank which makes use of the same UPI system and Whatsapp is said to be an integrating one. The Facebook has yet to cast with WhatsApp but the app is currently testing the capability for the businesses in order to message the users directly.

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