5 Steps to Effective Retirement Planning


Aging, although a global phenomenon, is all set to emerge as a major social challenge in India. According to the latest official figures, jumping 35.5 per cent from 7.6 crore in 2001 to 10.3 crore in 2011, the population of Indians over the age of 60 constitutes 8.6 per cent of the country‚Äôs total population, an all-time high since independence, where the figure is believed to only increase. Loss of finance and health problems are the two major problems people face in old age, more precisely, after retirement. Saving money…

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Why Is It Easy To Use Virtual Receptionists?

Virtual Receptionists

Hiring some virtual receptionists is something that thousands of businesses do globally every day. These are effective ways for a business to manage the workload of the calls that are coming in. When you feel like your business is trying to handle these calls without success, you know that it is the right time to start looking for a company that is going to make sure that each call is handled correctly. When you have never used virtual receptionists before, you might be unsure about what the entire process entails.…

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