The ins and Outs of the HARP loan program

It is easy to buy the car of your dreams

You have probably heard that purchasing a home is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Under ideal circumstances, every homeowner could build handsome equity in his or her home. After several years, you could be sitting on tens of thousands of dollars, or more, of cash to be used for home improvements, paying off debt or put toward retirement. It’s a good feeling to have a home with equity. However, financial conditions and other factors aren’t always in the homeowner’s favor. Economic downturns and problems in the housing…

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Why You Need an ASO Administrative Services Organization

ASO administrative services

If you are considering expanding your business overseas, or even if you are considering expanding your business south or north of the border, it’s best to work with experts in global administration. An ASO administrative services organization can ensure that your business remains in compliance with certain local regulations no matter where the office is located. They are a network of experts poised to help you open new locations and staff your growing business. What Exactly Is ASO? ASO is an acronym for administrative services outsourcing, and this means you…

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How to Create an Effective Value Proposition

value proposition in business plan

A value proposition in business is simply a statement that addresses how your product or service solves a problem, provides benefits and argues why consumers should choose your company over your competitors, right? Not so fast. There is an enormous difference between a hastily contrived value proposition that you casually toss to potential customers during meetings and an effective, clearly stated value proposition in a business plan. The latter plays a key role in developing a strong marketing plan and boosting the performance of your sales team. Being Unique Wins…

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