Social Networks in the Viewfinder of Financial Regulators

Financial Regulators

In their 2017 balance sheet, the AMF and the ACPR recall that the promotion of financial products is subject to the same rules on social networks as on other media. Advertising on social networks is targeted by the two French financial authorities. In its annual review of activities, the common pole bringing together the financial market (AMF) and the banking and insurance (ACPR) sector, particularly reminded us that, however new they may be, social networks are not Rules that apply to the promotion of financial products and services. ” We…

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How to Choose your Best lawyer in New Delhi India

Best lawyer in New Delhi India

Our site will help you to find the right lawyer, that is the one that suits you best in terms of competence, availability, pricing, mode of operation in general. The one who will be the right advocate for you will not be the same as another person placed in a different situation or placed in the same situation but who has different search criteria. The purpose of this short guide is to explain how this liberal professional, the lawyer, works, so that you can make your choice knowingly. 1. How…

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